‘The Newsroom’ season 3: Jeff Daniels introduces Will McAvoy montage in new video

HBO has come up with what we feel is a pretty bold way to help promote the upcoming third season of “The Newsroom”: Basically, they are reminding you as much as they can that Will McAvoy is an awesome character.

This video is a series of great highlights featuring Will, and should get you even more excited about what is going to be coming up the rest of the way. The only thing that we are largely surprised about right here is that somehow, his rant about America from the pilot is not included, given that this may be one of the greatest opening few minutes of any series ever. Jeff Daniels introduces the video, and of course thanks everyone for checking out the show.

Also, this video reminds up a little more of how much we are going to miss this show, which has become an institution to us over the past two years. In a way, we’re sad that the final season is going to be comprised of just six episodes. At the same time, we have to be grateful that we are really getting another at all here. After all, for a little while it didn’t quite look like we were going to get anything.

As for the rest of season 3, the story is going to revolve mostly around the nature of sources in journalism, especially those that can start to even threaten some people in power. Will ACN be willing to give up information and people, or risk legal trouble as a consequence? We are going to find out soon.

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