‘Gotham’ spoilers: ‘Masters of Sex’ alum on board as Harvey Dent

If there was one role on “Gotham” that we assumed many in the TV business would want, it is Harvey Dent. After all, this is one of the most-notorious names in the city, and a man who will one day become the notorious Two-Face.

In “The Dark Knight,” this role was played brilliantly by Aaron Eckhart. So who will take on the role here? It’s someone you may remember, at least if you watched “Masters of Sex” on Showtime last season.

Sources confirm that Nicholas D’Agosto, who played Virginia Johnson love interest and doctor Ethan on the drama, will recur on “Gotham” this season as Dent. There is also an option in his contract to become a regular for season 2, at least in the event the show gets one. We feel like for the time being, that is likely since Fox does not have anything else that even remotely resembles a hit. The new bosses are going to be picking up the pieces from the end of the Kevin Reilly regime for quite a while moving forward.

All in all, we are excited to see Harvey on board this show, though we admit that there is also a part of us anxious that the series will find a way to somehow mess this up, and give us a version of the character that virtually no one is excited to see. After all, this one is very iconic, and their portrayal of Catwoman / Selina Kyle has been a little too obvious so far.

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