NBC gives Miley Cyrus a two-hour special; this can only end well, right?

NBC -NBC loves to hand out concert specials / documentaries during the summer. Last year, the target was Justin Bieber, and we saw quickly through those ratings that there were not a whole lot of people out there really were not a whole lot of people interested in watching him outside of devoted Bieber fans.

Could the same thing happen now with Miley Cyrus? We have to think it’s possible. The network confirmed that they will air a two-hour event on Wednesday, July 9 fittingly titled “Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour,” which will chronicle the process of Miley becoming the star that she is now, and also feature highlights from her concerts in Spain and Portugal.

One obvious question that we have here is how in the world this is suddenly going to be made appropriate for modern network audiences, given that Miley’s tour in part consists of her wearing revealing outfits with pot leaves all over them, and also enough crotch-grabbing to make most church ladies suffer a stroke. We know that this isn’t the 1950s anymore, but this is still pretty shocking stuff for network TV.

Another concern we have is simple: Who will watch outside of Miley’s fans? Unlike someone like an Adele or a Michael Buble, there are fewer casual fans here who we could see tuning in to watch her. This is not a bad thing from the perspective of the artist; Miley’s clearly smart to realize how to get herself attention, and also diehard supporters. However, that keeps her from the same sort of universal support that some other artists get.

The interesting thing is that we will always maintain that Miley’s real talent lies just as much in TV acting and performing as it does music. She made a hit out of “Hannah Montana,” and we really enjoyed both of her two stints hosting “Saturday Night Live.”

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Photo: NBC

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