‘Survivor: Cagayan’ episode 11 review: Did Woo turn on Tony?

Cagayan -On Wednesday night’s “Survivor” episode, the show once again went completely all over the place and we loved it. The entire post-merge game has been insane, and this time around, we had what was one of the first nights where Tony was completely in the dark.

Is this the beginning of his undoing? Even though he is still in the game, we think so. He doesn’t really have any allies anymore, except for sort of Trish. Woo basically decided to flip on his former alliance before tribal tribal, but apparently, somewhere along the line decided to get back with him. Despite all the chaos that unfolded tonight, and the fighting that went on between Tony and Kass, Tasha was the one who left the game.

Despite her using the “bully” word before tribal council (which we never like), we are bummed to see her go. She played the game hard, and we had picked her to win before the season. Still, this was the right move by everyone. While everyone may want to ensure that they aren’t Tony puppets, Tasha is a bigger threat at the finals than anyone other than Spencer. So while Tony got his way here in the end, he wasn’t really the person so much in control here. The biggest thing we give him credit for is idol intimidation. He’s going into the final five (the last time he can seemingly play one) with both of his idols, and he could play one on himself and then put his other one on someone else if he chooses to.

So despite the predictable boot, this was still a fun episode. We had good strategy, and fun reward challenge that saw Woo break out of his shell a little bit, and Spencer dethroning Tasha of her immunity hot streak. Spencer’s clearly on the outs, but crazier things have happened in this game. Grade: B.

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Photo: CBS

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