‘Ink Master’ season 4, episode 11 preview: Can Scott Marshall draw?

Ink MasterWhen Gentle Jay approached the “Ink Master” judges table with a stack of papers claiming that Scott Marshall can’t draw and that he’s been tracing all of his tattoo work, the judges immediately brushed the claims away. We were hoping that they would work in a challenge that forces the artists to draw, so that the viewers at home had a chance to judge for themselves and it looks like the next new episode is going to give us that chance.

The artists will be taken on a boat ride which circles the Statue of Liberty . The focus of the challenge is proportions – making sure that the head is in proportion with the body, hands, feet, etc. No giant heads and little body caricatures. The only reference is what the artists draw and we will have a chance to see if Scott really has some chops when it comes to his artwork.  After having some time to sketch out the famous statue (and Halo dealing with a little seasickness) we will have a chance to see some really great artwork, but how did Scott do?

Once the artists are done sketching the Statue of Liberty they will then take those drawings and tattoo them onto their canvases using only their artwork as a reference. We were thrilled to see this happen, because if Scott wins the show (and he likely will) we want to see for ourselves just how great of an artist he really is. After seeing the flash challenge tattoos, it is clear that this should be a tight race if there wasn’t favoritism by the judges going on. Did Scott make a pretty big mistake on his Statue of Liberty tattoo? It’s going to be an interesting episode folks!

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Photo: Spike TV

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