‘Teen Wolf’ season 3 finale spoilers; The meaning of ‘The Divine Move’

Teen Wolf -It’s never too early to get some scoop on the “Teen Wolf” finale, right?

The name for this episode is “The Divine Move,” and as it turns out, there is a much deeper reason why this installment has its name beyond what you know already. Speaking in a new interview with E! News, creator / showrunner Jeff Davis explains that this is a name that is very firmly rooted in the same sort of Asian mythology that has really dominated the vast majority of the season so far:

“People in the know will understand that it refers to a move in the game of Go, which is the Japanese version of Chess, basically. It’s a Go game. Go is a very Asian game. It’s Chinese, Korean and Japanese. It’s a very difficult game to learn and compete in.”

To us, all of this really suggests that there is going to be some sort of difficult “game” that will be at the center of this pivotal episode, and the characters are going to struggle mightily to try to figure that out. Among them, we put Stiles somewhere near the top of the list. He’s a guy in particular who has shown so many different personalities that you would consider him more of something out of the “Orphan Black” universe at this point.

Is there anything that you want to see coming up on this “Teen Wolf” finale? Share your thoughts below, and head over here if you want to see a preview from the next new episode airing Monday.

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Photo: MTV

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