‘New Girl’ season 3, episode 14 review: Did Prince make Super Bowl episode worthwhile?

More news -You’ve been looking forward to this episode of “New Girl” for some time, and for good reason. This post-Super Bowl spectacular had a big guest appearance from Prince, and it also marked a chance to see whether or not Jess could take a big step forward in her life: Admitting to Nick Miller that she does in fact love him.

There is a part of this storyline that we didn’t care for at all, since every show has this cliche story about someone saying “I love you,” and then the other person freaking out about. It didn’t make a ton of sense for this to be Jess, mostly because she is all about love. Luckily, she had Prince there to help her out. He was completely game to help her out, and we have to say that overall he was pretty darn funny in the process. Plus, the show clearly chose to take advantage of the fact that Zooey Deschanel has her own share of musical talents. (How crazy must this have been for Zooey to do?)

The story revolving around some of the other characters was probably the funnier part of this episode, namely Winston and Coach having a duo called “fire and ice” that they used to pick up women. Also, there were some really cool moments for Schmidt and Cece, including the former deciding to eat a lemon in order to impress her.

The moral of this episode? That Prince is “magic.” He makes people love each other, and lets them have a great time. This was all in all a great ad for him, and at least a captivating episode of the show. We have seen better, but for a Super Bowl episode, it was a nice way to draw new viewers. Grade: B.

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