‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 7 spoilers: Carrie Fisher and James Earl Jones to guest star

Here it is -Obviously, “The Big Bang Theory” is a realm of geek culture, and if there is one show for iconic genre actors to appear on, this is it. Consider here the ratings, which were over 20 million for the most recent episode. Or, consider the fact that there are so many nominations and awards that get handed to this show on a regular basis.

Well, TVLine reports from the Golden Globes that a pair of icons are going to be stopping by a little later this season: James Earl Jones and Carrie Fisher. The two “Star Wars” legends are going to be making an appearance in an upcoming episode of season 7, where they will have some sort of interaction with Jim Parsons’ character of Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

It’s hardly a surprise that some folks from the “Star Wars” community would stop by, given the amount of “Star Trek” clout that the series has already build up. Leonard Nimoy, Wil Wheaton, Brett Spiner, and LeVar Burton are among the actors from this franchise that have already graced the CBS sitcom.

As for what makes this casting all the more interesting, it’s a bit of an olive branch between rivals, given that Disney owns the “Star Wars” franchise now, and also owns ABC. It’s the same sort of feeling that we have when Stan Lee turns up, given that he works with Marvel extensively (which is also owned by ABC). Also, you cannot forget the simple fact that Fisher is set to have an enormous role in the new “Star Wars: Episode 7,” which is getting closer and closer to the start of production a little bit later in the year. There have been a variety of reports out there about the show, with new ones suggesting that the story may focus on the original series actors more than it was planned at first during the writing process.

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Photo: CBS

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