‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ season 5 spoilers: A small dosage of Deeks / Kensi scoop

More scoop -Are you shipping Deeks and Kensi more than just about any other couple on television right now? If you answered that question with a “yes,” then we imagine that you are going to rather appreciate the new “NCIS: Los Angeles” scoop that we have for you now.

According to TVLine, series boss Shane Brennan promises that there is going to be quite a bit of story to tell with these two, including a very specific event “that turns everything on its head.” The interesting thing about the story regarding Kensi’s assignment is that, per Brennan, this was not initially the way in which the series was going to go. Much of the plan had to be changed as a means of accommodating the pregnancy of Daniela Ruah, to ensure that there was a good way to write her out of the show for maternity leave.

These two have been through a whirlwind this season already, with much of it stemming from the kiss that took place at the end of last season. The good feeling that we have had about this is simply that this show has a chance in some ways to learn from the mistakes of the flagship “NCIS” show, which had to rush the ending of what could have been a great Tony / Ziva story. While it may take time, we feel confident that Deeks / Kensi fans are going to be pretty happy with where their story goes.

On a different note, be on the lookout moving forward this season for some more fun stuff from Callen and Sam, who especially had some great moments in the second half of this past season.

What do you want to see happen next on the show for Deeks and Kensi, and do you want to see them together by the time this season comes to a close? Share what you think below, and click here if you want to specifically see some more news related to Kensi. If you are looking for more great TV scoop just sign up for our CarterMatt newsletter and enjoy the updates coming straight to your inbox every Sunday.

Photo: CBS

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