‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 7 spoilers: First look at Josh Peck, rival comic store

At the moment, we understand that the vast majority of interest out there for “The Big Bang Theory” is going to be about the Leonard / Penny storyline. But with that being said, we like to think that there is still quite a bit to look forward to when it comes to the rest of the story during next week’s “The Occupation Recalibration.”

Principally, we’re talking here about a rival comic-book store to Stuart’s shop that is going to be visited by Bernadette, as she tries to solve what is a major comic conundrum involving Howard. The owner of this store is played by Josh Peck of “Drake & Josh” fame, which is mostly significant thanks to the fact that executive producer Steven Molaro at one point worked on the Nickelodeon favorite.

While Peck’s appearance may just be a one-off, the cool thing about it is that it could be an opportunity to really dive more into the Stuart character, who has become almost a regular again the past few episodes with all of his appearances. The great thing about him is that he gives Raj another single guy to hang out with, and he’s the one guy out there more miserable than anyone else.

On a more critical note, we know that there are going to be some comic fans out there still upset that the comics represented in the store are all DC-related; but, “The Big Bang Theory” is owned by Warner Bros. rather than Disney, who owns Marvel, so we’re just going to have to deal with it. What is somewhat strange is that “Star Wars” is represented despite Disney also owning it, but that may be such a big commodity that it is hard to ignore. Producers can show all sorts of comics still without ever putting Iron Man or the Fantastic 4 on the screen.

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