‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5 spoilers: Candice Accola’s Caroline and the romance question

Since romance seems to be a central theme on “The Vampire Diaries,” seemingly at times more so than some of the actual vampires, you can almost always be assured that even when someone is single, the odds are that it won’t last for long. There could be someone waiting just around the corner for them to meet … and if someone does got a lengthy period of time without such a person in their lives, the other characters are going to take notice.

Seemingly, this is what is going to happen to Caroline when the series returns to The CW on Thursday, January 23 with its 100th episode. Candice Accola’s character will be the subject of all sorts of conversation in the episode about her personal life, and based on what executive producer Caroline Dries tells TVLine, there may still be a reason to get excited about her romantic future moving forward:

“When it comes out about Stefan and Katherine sleeping together, Caroline’s like, ‘What?! Why the heck am I the only one not getting any?’ Hopefully, we’ll find her somebody new.”

Now, you have to wonder whether or not Caroline and Stefan are going to be getting together moving forward. Personally, we really hope not for one simple reason: It’s nice for there to be one bond between two characters on a show that is actually platonic, and seeing the two have feelings would really make this entire circle of relationships feel all the stranger. After all, Stefan has been with Elena, and this would make him the second guy to be in a relationship with Caroline that already has this distinction following Matt.

At this point, the two best options for Caroline would either be for Tyler to return to Mystic Falls ready to throw himself at her feet, or for there to just be a new love interest entering the picture who brings something new to the show and shakes things up a little bit.

Personally, what are you hoping to see for Caroline on “The Vampire Diaries” the rest of the way? Share some of your thoughts below.

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