ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3 spoilers: Jeff Perry teases the battle for Sally Langston

If you thought that the battle for Sally Langston’s loyalty was intense on the “Scandal” season 3 finale last week, then just know this: It’s going to get a million times crazier the rest of the way this season. Both Cyrus and Leo (Paul Adelstein) realize that she is a woman with a big voice to the American people, and a ton of power. She appeals to that Evangelical base, and when it is well-documented that Fitz has a bad history of keeping his pants on, this is something that his campaign needs.

But even though he and Mellie have something pretty serious hanging over Sally courtesy of what she did to her husband, the battle to keep her on their side is still not going to be easy. As Jeff Perry (who plays the notable Chief of Staff) says to E! News, Leo is going to be one of the more formidable opponents that he has faced over the years:

“Leo is already ridiculously formidable for Cyrus. It’s like this guy is no joke. He is a scary, smart mercenary. He is so scary, he is so d**n smart, he [ticks] Cyrus off, I’ll tell you that … Cyrus and Leo are going to be butting heads.”

To us, perhaps the most amazing thing when it comes to the Cyrus character is that he is not always a step away from a hulk sized rage or having a heart attack. Just think for a second here: His relationship with James is now in shambles, he doesn’t really have actual friends, and the President of the United States relies on him for survival. And, somehow he also has to now work with the First Lady to ensure that Sally doesn’t become a problem.

We won’t know too much more in the way of what happens next on “Scandal” until the show returns to ABC on Thursday, February 27, but you can be sure to find whatever scoop is out there here at CarterMatt.

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