‘Modern Family’ season 5 spoilers: Sofia Vergara, cast to likely film Las Vegas episode

The latest -Modern Family” vacations have become a way of life for the show over the years, and have also admittedly given it that extra dosage of realism sometimes. Haven’t you enjoyed seeing some of the little trips that the show has been on over the years? To us, they’ve been some of what has kept it from becoming the sort of routine sitcom that we grow tired of.

So what could one of the big events be this year? Based on what executive producer Chris Lloyd is saying to TV Guide, the show may be on its way now to Las Vegas for a story that could feature Sofia Vergara, Ty Burrell, and the majority of the other characters on the show enjoying the lights and sounds of Sin City:

“It’s looking like we probably will do an episode where everybody goes to Las Vegas … It’s at the seventy-five percent stage now, but I believe we will go there. We’re putting some finishing touches on that now.”

To us, the possibilities of this sound pretty endless when you are basically giving a group of people license to run wild who are not often given this opportunity. Given that almost nothing good ever happens in movies or television shows set in Vegas, we have to imagine that the same could probably be said about this here. We do not foresee good results for any of the characters while vacationing there, especially Phil … mostly because he is Phil.

The big event of season 5 is still going to be the upcoming wedding of Cam and Mitchell, but this is an event that is in particular going to be saved for the May sweeps. The idea right now is to continue to do what “Modern Family” by and large excels at: Getting the characters in interesting / awkward situations, and then trying to figure out what happens from there.

Photo: ABC

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