‘Glee’ season 5 spoilers: Adam Lambert, Chris Colfer, and a different kind of ‘dancing’

November 23, 2013 6 comments
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The band -How often is it that you get some great dance numbers from “Glee” anymore? It happens, but we’ve felt a little bit less this season without Heather Morris around as a series regular. (Given that she is a former “So You Think You Can Dance” contestant, it is hard to argue against the logic there.)

Adam Lambert has managed to already restore some of the fun in the show’s choreography as of late, which you saw during a certain encounter with a chandelier during the “A Katy or a Gaga” episode. He’s the sort of entertainer that you want to see performing, and hearing the news about a scene featuring him and Chris Colfer that requires some choreography hardly comes as a surprise. Chris first confirmed the news that something was in the works in a post on Twitter this week, where he added a surprising twist to what you typically expect from dancing on the show:

“Spent all morning pole dancing with @adamlambert and now I can’t move a muscle… This is my life, these are my choices… #Glee”

Meanwhile, Adam replied with a message of his own:

“@chriscolfer Hahahaha but all done with great style!”

Anyone want to guess what is going on here? It could be a scene that literally involves pole-dancing, or another situation here could be that it is training for something similar on the show. Either way, it sounds like it will be a ton of fun. We should also point out here that this episode is not going to air until at least February, given that this is when the show is returning to television. Oh, did you also know that it is going to start airing on Tuesday nights? That’s one of the ways that Fox is looking to change up what has been a night decimated by low-rated comedies.

What do you want to see Adam and Chris do on the show moving forward? Share your thoughts below! Also, click here if you didn’t see the preview for the Thanksgiving episode “Puppet Master” earlier this week, as it featured some footage of the two of them.

Photo: Fox

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