‘Downton Abbey’ season 4 finale spoilers: Happy times for Allen Leech’s Tom Branson?

November 8, 2013 0 comments
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The latest -While we previously posted an article about “Downton Abbey” season 4 for American viewers looking to watch the show on PBS and are avoiding spoilers, make no bones about it: This one is strictly for fans looking to see a little bit more about the season finale on Sunday in Britain. If you are fine with spoilers, read on. Otherwise, we suggest ducking for cover sooner rather than later.

The biggest thing that we want to discuss here is Allen Leech’s character of Tom Branson, who is starting to evolve a little bit more beyond just what we were seeing from him as the sort of token support system for almost everyone else. He was the shoulder to lean on or the person to be there in a hard time, but now he’s getting an opportunity of his own to form a bond with someone … and possibly fall in love.

This photo features Allen Leech alongside Daisy Lewis, who plays the part of Sarah Bunting. It is a little too early to see just yet where this relationship will go, but the two do seem to be enjoying some of the sports-related festivities that are going on at the Abbey. This is the second straight year that the finale has contained some sort of outdoor event like this, but the difference here is that the one last year was more of a single game versus a lot of little isolated ones. We much prefer this, since it allows for mingling and other assorted merriment. We like seeing Tom happy, and we just have to hope that Bunting is not going to be like Edna and slip him some sort of Edwardian roofie in hopes that she can be the future mother of his child.

Want to read some more “Downton Abbey” scoop on the finale? Our suggestion is to click here, where you can see an assortment of everything from a sneak peek to a few other assorted quotes of what to expect on this last episode until the Christmas special, which features the return of Shirley MacLaine and the debut of Paul Giamatti.

Photo: ITV

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