‘Body of Proof’ could return for season 4; ABC considering reviving canceled show

October 22, 2013 4 comments
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It could happen -Is the case really closed for good over on “Body of Proof”? Despite that it may have looked that way a number of months ago, the terrible performance of some of ABC’s new dramas, which include “Lucky 7,” “Betrayal,” and “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland,” may be helping to convince them to change course.

According to a report from Deadline, the network is considering giving the show a fourth season that would premiere at midseason, and try to bring the network at least something that is a solid performer in total viewers. While the ratings weren’t a smash by any means during the new season, there were also hardly worthy of being called a bus either. In the end, it really should have been brought back in the first place after there were some good creative changes made to the show, and the audience actually fared a little better near the end of the season. While renewing the show now could stop some of the bleeding, there is another problem that many people assume that it’s canceled. They’re going to have to have some sort of aggressive marketing campaign to let people know that it’s back.

One other major problem? Trying to assemble the entire cast and crew again, including star Dana Delaney and some of the producers. Many of these people have already gone on to work on other projects, and not all will be available. Therefore, we could conceivably be looking at the second major shake-up in two years for the show … that is if the revival even happens. While there are talks about it happening, there is obviously a difference between talking about something and actually making it happen. Given that ABC can’t develop a new season in time for midseason this may be their best option.

What do you think: Should “Body of Proof” be renewed, and what would you think if it did end up returning with a slightly different cast? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and we will have some more updates on this story as it happens.

Photo: ABC

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