‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: A Harlem Shake, Head of Household talk, and more

August 1, 2013 2 comments
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Yes, it's happening -What have you been doing for the last four hours of your life in preparation for tonight’s all-new “Big Brother 15” episode? We’re sure that it probably involves watching trivia of some form. We don’t quite know what the houseguests are doing to keep them off-camera for as long as they have been; maybe Julie Chen’s deciding she had enough, declared herself Head of Household, and personally evicted Aaryn.

How about this as a distraction … A Harlem Shake video! That’s right: It’s the opportunity to see the houseguests party like it was a few months ago! This is one of the few funny things that we’ve seen in a pretty controversial season, and there are a few dance moves here worth pointing out, whether it be Judd doing his best impression of The Situation while rocking the bear shirt, Jessie doing her best impersonation of twerking, Spencer having “the creepy flasher” as his only dance move, and such other great props included as the mad scientist hair and Nick’s blue hat that is really McCrae’s. We also have some other things to get to.

Head of Household speculation – It is almost assured based on the indoor lockdown that we have an endurance competition today, which is pretty great news for anyone with the live feeds. This makes for compelling viewing whenever it happens, since you get to see deals being made in real-time. Just be sure to have some energy drinks ready; it could be a long night.

Our top three players  РWe have to keep the tradition going!

3. Elissa – We never thought we would see her here, but with Aaryn muzzled for now, she really doesn’t have anyone who will want to get her out before Candice, Aaryn, and possibly even Jessie. If she makes it to the end, she has a great argument about how everyone wanted her out.

2. McCrae – He has Amanda standing out as the bigger threat, and he’s more capable of winning competitions then her. We do think that he will lose his showmance partner eventually, but he could win out late in the game and get himself into the finale.

1. Andy – Still, nobody touches untouchable Andy. He sees all, knows all, and is targeted still by no one. We can’t really say that this latter point is true for any other person in this game. Hats off.

For more scoop from the live feed when the feeds were on, including a push to maybe get Amanda out over Howard, just be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: CBS

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