‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Aaryn’s (second) reign; Elissa understandably cries

July 25, 2013 0 comments
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Aaryn“I don’t want another stressful week.” This is what Elissa Slater said while Aaryn’s stepped into her second week as Head of Household on “Big Brother 15,” and this is definitely going to be interesting. Yes, we are as angry as anyone that this horrible little devil disguised in blonde hair extensions is in power yet again, but those of you conspiracy theorists out there could use this as some sort of evidence that production is obviously not rigging this entire show for Aaryn to go home. (Of course, we are pretty sure that was why America voting for MVP is happening all over again.)

First, let’s discard MVP, since without the Aaryn votes, GinaMarie will surely just go right back up on the block yet again instead of Elissa. Speaking of whom, Elissa has already unleashed the waterworks, and Amanda has tried to console her by saying that there’s no way that she will allow her to be put on the block. She can’t play for Veto, so she knows that her odds of staying are not particularly great at this point.

So what is Aaryn thinking about doing? Putting Elissa on the block. In a conversation with Helen she shockingly said that she has every intention of holding true to her deal, which is somewhat smart on her part. She’s got nobody in this game save for GinaMarie, and she has to build trust with someone if she wants to stay. While Helen is not so down with getting rid of Elissa, she is not entirely protesting it either. She told Aaryn that if she gets the votes to send her home, then that is all right, but she cannot be someone who votes against her thanks to the connection that the two have.

Granted, this is still¬†very¬†early, as in minutes after the show. Things tend to change quickly in the “Big Brother” house, and we fully expect them to do so. One interesting thing to watch for is Candice finding out about the deal that Aaryn made to stay in the game.

In case you missed anything, our review of tonight’s “Big Brother 15” episode (and some other live feed updates) can be located at the link here.

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