ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6 spoilers: ‘Alphas,’ ‘Arrow’ alum cast as…

July 25, 2013 3 comments
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CastleIs it weird that whenever we think about Syfy’s now-canceled series “Alphas,” we imagine Sheldon Cooper’s rant about it from “The Big Bang Theory”? As sad as this fictional character may be now about the show coming to a close, he would at least be possibly happy (if he were real, of course) that one of the show’s stars will be teaming up with another star of a canceled geek phenomenon in “Firefly’s” Nathan Fillion on “Castle.”

In news first reported by Entertainment Weekly, Warren Christie has been tapped to lend his acting powers to the upcoming second episode of the show’s sixth season, where he is going to take on the part of Brad Parker, a reporter who has a real knack for getting stories regarding national security out in the open. With this sort of character description in mind, there are really three separate reasons that we could predict for him making an appearance on the show:

1. The murder victim is a national security adviser, and he could be either a valuable source of information or a suspect.

2. Beckett’s in Washington DC, and this is a man that she runs into while taking on one of her separate cases there, regardless of whether or not he is a suspect.

3. Castle, always the fan of the supernatural, believes that he has some secret superpowers and tries to investigate him. (The most unlikely scenario, but also the most fun?)

For those looking for a specific air date here, think September 30, one week after the show first returns to ABC with new episodes.

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Photo: ABC

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