‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’: First tease for the season from Jeff Probst

July 6, 2013 0 comments
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SurvivorIt’s true: You do have a very long time to wait until “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” comes on the air Wednesday, September 18. However, what better time to at least get an early impression on the season from Jeff Probst? The show just recently wrapped shooting at the end of last month, and now that there is a brief break in between filming this handful of episodes and the next, the host / executive producer has responded to a fan on Twitter about what he thinks about the season. His quote? Well, it’s not exactly that revealing:

“It’s going to be good. Very different.”

We imagine in our head that this is going to lead to some “Survivor” fans screaming in confusion, wondering where in the world cocky Probst has gone, and imagine that this is code for “this season will be horrible.” To those people, we have one piece of advice: Cool your jets. Probst surely learned from hyping up “Survivor Caramoan” that giving people countless bold statements about a season being phenomenal is never a good idea, since seasons he loves (“Redemption Island”) are not exactly fan favorites. Meanwhile, we love some seasons (“Gabon”) that Jeff seems to be rather lukewarm about.

In case you’ve been on your own island for the past several months, the premise for “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” is that there are 20 castaways, made up entirely of returning players and a loved one. This could completely recreate what alliances mean within the context of the game, as it becomes dangerous to allow two people who have personal bonds to make the merge. Also, it does raise the stakes for just how far you will go to win the money, at least in theory.

At the end of the day, this season will be about more than just the twist; the focus will really be on the contestants, and how far they are willing to go to win the grand prize (and how entertaining they are along the way).

As for right now, what’s your excitement level for this “Survivor” season? If you want to see some more news about “Blood vs. Water,” including everything that has been confirmed thus far by CBS, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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