NBC’s ‘Grimm’ season 3 spoilers: Can Nick be saved?

July 5, 2013 0 comments
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GrimmIt is no surprise to see characters be constantly thrown into dangerous situations on “Grimm,” but even compared to many of the others, seeing Nick locked up and shipped away at the end of season 2 is one of the more shocking things that producers have done without a doubt. There are going to be a number of challenges to overcome when the show starts up later this fall, but one of the more obvious stumbling blocks is pretty clear: How in the world does a character recover from something like this?

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Jim Kouf makes it clear that season 3 is not going to start off with the Nick character suddenly safe and more or less out of harm’s way; as a matter of fact, it is going to take some time before order is really restored, and he can consider himself out of the woods:

“It’s going to take a couple of scripts to get Nick back into shape. Gotta say, he’s having a tough time. It hasn’t been easy on him … Like with any near-death experience or medical issue that someone deals with, it kind of changes their lives. You have a new perspective on things, so Nick is going to have to deal with the residual effects.”

“Grimm” as a series is still flying pretty high on NBC. While it may not be the network’s highest-rated performer on the schedule, it is consistently solid on Fridays and manages to draw the sort of DVR figures that other networks (especially broadcast ones) have to be jealous of.

What do you think is going to unfold on “Grimm” season 3, and is there anything in particular that you are hoping for? If you want to read some more news in regards to the show, our suggestion is just to head on over to the link here.

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