‘Homeland’ season 3 spoilers / speculation: Could Nicholas Brody have a new look?

June 26, 2013 0 comments
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HomelandMeet the new Brody … much different than the old Brody? “Homeland” season 3 is in the process of shooting new episodes primarily in North Carolina, but there is one rather surprising twist coming in all of this: Damian Lewis is now bald!

As for how in the world this works with the show, we have no idea … but multiple sources have caught the man filming his new movie “The Silent Storm” in Scotland, looking like a complete and utter cue ball. Bald’s a very different look for Lewis, mostly because he has been so easy to identify thanks to the red hair over the years. Then again, he’s probably going to have a much easier time going to the supermarket for the next several months.

If we want to explore some possibilities here for this character, we have to begin with the obvious: Maybe Brody shaves his head to not be recognized. Works for the actor (and for a movie he’s doing), so why not for the character? Or, you also have to consider that it’s feasible that the guy is just going to wear a wig to work.

As for why he’s shooting in Scotland at the same time that the Showtime series is filming, the easy answer is that Damian’s not going to have the same sort of enormous role this time. The show’s bosses have already hinted at such, given that there is really only so much Brody can do while he’s in hiding. Unless you want to sit around and watch the guy stress out, we don’t know how else you can focus on him beyond a few minutes.

Are you down with the bald Brody … if it’s the bald Brody that we get? If this story doesn’t excite you, maybe this one about “Homeland” and yoga will.

Photo: Showtime

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