‘Burn Notice’ season 7 spoilers: What’s next for Michael and Fiona?

June 23, 2013 0 comments
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Burn NoticeAs we near the end of “Burn Notice” season 7, we know that there are going to be all sorts of questions the eager viewers will demand answers to and it’s certainly understandable that they will want them. After all, just look at everything that they have been through while waiting so far: Michael and Fiona are still not together, and they are not even in the same country. The only real evidence that there are still feelings there is coming via the sole fact that Fiona lent Michael’s mom a helping hand while going through a tough time this past episode.

While the future of these two may be a mystery, we can at least tell you that within a few weeks, they are going to be doing at least some things together again. According to a report from Zap2It, at least one of the upcoming missions on the USA hit will feature the two characters posing as hackers, which will require a little bit of teamwork. In another upcoming episode, a rather interesting offer will be thrown Fiona’s way.

Want some more good news? A fan favorite character from the series in Barry is going to return for the upcoming sixth episode of the season, as he will be working on a case featuring a couple of our supporting stars on the show. He’s surely not the only past guest star to be making a return trip this season, but USA is keeping mum on some of the other ones for now.

Do you want to see Michael and Fiona get back together before we roll around to the finale? If you want to read more news related to the show, you can do so over at the link here.

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