‘Downton Abbey’ season 4: Michelle Dockery takes a break … but where?

May 11, 2013 0 comments
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MaryJust in looking at the title above, you would assume that the “break” that we are talking about here is some sort of tropical vacation on those little islands that have huts overlooking the water (or at least this is where we would take our vacation). Instead, the quick time away from “Downton Abbey” for Michelle Dockery was doing something that we like to refer to as very glamorous work: The annual Met Costume Gala in New York City.

You see, the part of it that is actually considered fun is very simple: You get the opportunity to wear a dress that costs some inordinate amount of money, and then proceed to gab about it on a red carpet that gets you headlines all over the globe. If you want to beĀ seen, and to also be considered one of the biggest stars out there, then there’s no other place that you would rather be around this time of the year. Just about anyone who has any interest in fashion at all was there, and you know that there’s some thirteen-year old girl flipping through a magazine wishing that is was her. (We’re not even trying to be cynical here; everyone has dreams, and some are much more ridiculous than this.)

In speaking of ridiculous, what was with the punk-rock theme at the Met Gala this year? While Dockery still looked pretty glamorous, it may be because she did not entirely get the memo as to what the theme of the year was. We understand that the word “costume” is in the name of the event, but we would think that the organizers would want something that yields to more positive results (like old Hollywood, Greek goddesses, Disney princess, we don’t know).

Anyhow, “Downton Abbey” season 4 is currently still filming in the United Kingdom, and we’re sure Dockery is back to playing Lady Mary who is sure to spend much of her time miserable following the death of Matthew. How long will she go with that black ensemble? Who knows, but we suppose that’s fashionable in its own bizarre way.

If for some reason reading about this element of fashion is not enough for you, be sure to see what Laura Carmichael and some other stars of the ITV hit are up to.

Photo: ITV

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