‘American Idol’ top 4 rankings: Angie Miller, Candice Clover, Kree Harrison fight for #1

April 20, 2013 5 comments
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American IdolThis is turning out to be quite the season of “American Idol” thus far, no? So long as you ignore three-quarters of the judging panel save for Nicki Minaj, you have some great singing, some interesting song choices, and actually some hope restored that America can actually get it right in the voting sometimes. (Of course, the terrible crop of guys this year probably helped.)

So how do you even rank the four singers who are left in the competition? It’s not easy, but we’re going to try. We have to look at everything from performance quality to past voting history, and when you have four singers left with so much talent, it really could all just boil down to fanbases.

The rankings

4. Amber Holcomb (last week: 5) – A few weeks ago, we would have said that this #4 ranking is pretty distant … but not so much now! Amber benefits right now from what are a trio of things: better performances, going last in this past episode, and also having a new core of Lazaro Arbos fans behind her since the two are good friends. We don’t think that she can win, but we do see her possibly squeaking into the top 3 depending on how everyone else fares.

3. Angie Miller (3) – Angie’s a very tough nut to crack. If you look at her performances, she has probably been the most uneven. She’s had higher highs probably than two out of the other three contestants, but she’s also had a few lower lows. She will probably get a lift still the next week or two thanks to her hometown Beverly’s proximity to Boston, but her biggest flaw right now is that she does sometimes take the performances a little too seriously and forgets to have fun.

2. Kree Harrison (2) – While she was in the bottom two this past episode, we’re going to blame it on her and Janelle Arthur sharing the country vote. The truth is that this may have been the wake-up call Kree needed. She’s never given a bad or even subpar performance all season, but she has at times struggled with delivering a knockout: When your performances are so comfortable and even nurturing, it can cause your fanbase to start to grow listless.

1. Candice Glover (1) – … And then there’s Candice. She’s one of two contestants left to never see the bottom two, and we also know that she was in America’s top two just over a week ago along with Kree. We really like the country singer this season, but any win outside of Candice just feels weird, twisted and just wrong. Even with “When You Believe” being about as exciting as getting a pen for Christmas, she’s still far and away the cream of the “American Idol” crop.

Who do you think is primed to win “American Idol” right now? Be sure to vote in the poll below! If you want to also read some more news on some of the recent ex-contestants, be sure to visit the link here.

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