‘Mad Men’ season 6 spoilers: A whole host of new episode titles

April 19, 2013 0 comments
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Mad MenWhen it comes to “Mad Men,” there are really not too many opportunities that you have to speculate over anything … including something so simple as the title of an episode. With that in mind, you really just have to celebrate the little victories whenever they come.

With that in mind, we have a collection of four of the episode titles (via SpoilerTV) airing after Sunday night’s new episode, and there are definitely some worthy nuggets to speculate over in here. Of course, it is theoretically possible that any of this titles could change in the weeks ahead, so be sure to read everything that we have from here on out with at least a little bit of a grain of salt.

Episode 6.05 – “The Flood.” Is this title metaphorical? We’re not an expert into the weather patterns of the 1960s, but we can’t find much evidence of a famous flood that occurred in New York during that time.

Episode 6.06 – “For Immediate Release.” Sounds almost like a campaign is being rushed out, no? If that’s the case, the odds of disaster are certainly higher than usual.

Episode 6.07 – “Man with a Plan.” This title is even more dangerous. Whenever someone says that they have a plan to fix something, it has a tendency to go very awry.

Episode 6.08 – “The Crash.” We like to imagine this being about the stock market, but we don’t know of any enormous crashes on Wall Street during this time. Instead, this could just be related to a disastrous event for one of the characters.

What do you think about some of these titles, and do you have any theories as to what they mean? If you want to also check out what Christina Hendricks is saying about the future of the series, be sure to visit the story over at the link here.

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