FX puts ‘The Americans’ episode online after DVR error

April 5, 2013 0 comments
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The AmericansOne of the benefits of a network like FX is that if you have a reason to make your episode longer than an hour, then they will oblige and find a way to make it happen for you. However, there are some problems with this at the same time, including that if you don’t program things right, then DVR machines across the country are not going to know to keep recording for longer than the typical runtime.

This situation happened on Wednesday night, as viewers of FX’s excellent “The Americans” were quick to realize that they did not receive the full episode of the show as they were hoping. The final seven minutes of the episode were cut off; however, we do have some good news coming out now that there is no reason to scream at your recording devices.

Beginning immediately, frustrated viewers can check out the full episode of “The Americans” over at the link here as a way for the network to say apologize. Considering how often cable networks rely on DVR viewing, this is certainly a smart move for them to make.

In a statement, here is what FX’s senior vice-president of media relations in John Soiberg had to say about this snafu, which of course included an apology:

“The error is regrettable and I apologize to all the loyal fans of The Americans who were cheated out of the full viewing experience of one of the most important episodes so far this season … I hope the viewers whose DVRs failed to capture the final seven minutes of the episode will take advantage of the opportunity to watch the encore run on FXNetworks.com and see the spectacular ending.”

Do you think this is the right move for FX to make? If you want to read some more news on “The Americans,” you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: FX

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