‘The Amazing Race 22’ review: Were Chuck & Wynona bailed out again?

March 24, 2013 0 comments
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The Amazing RaceDuring the opening minutes of Sunday night’s “The Amazing Race 22” episode, Chuck & Wynona made it rather clear: they were probably screwed in this leg. Mr. Mullet and his wife have been struggling for weeks: Wynona is slow, Chuck has done all of the challenges, and the two have ¬†fought all over the place.

Have they been a great source of comic relief? Definitely, and they probably are a pair that fans are going to remember a little bit. The sad news for them is that we were just as skeptical as they were going into the teams’ arrival in Botswana, even with the fact in mind that some equalizers only caused them to be a few minutes behind all of the other teams.

Let’s not waste any time here, though: let’s get to whether or not these two actually survived!

Team placement

1. Bates & Anthony – We’ve wondered over the past couple of weeks if this team really had the killer instinct necessarily to win after seemingly being okay in the middle of the pack. However, they really came out strong this week! While the challenges really weren’t that hard, they did all of the right things: they went fast and made very few mistakes.

2. Pam & Winnie – They picked the right detour (making a trap over making a fire), and this was easily enough to propel these two past most of the other teams despite getting a late start, and struggling during the hilarious task of catching a scorpion with a group of bushmen.

3. Chuck and Wynona – Surprised? So were we! These two did get lucky again to an extent, at least in that some other teams chose the wrong detour. However, they did finish the course this time much earlier than some other teams.

4. Joey & Meghan – First of all, these two got themselves further behind than they should have just because of Joey throwing himself a fit over the thought of trying to capture a scorpion during the Roadblock. Basically, it was his version of the twins from earlier this season not wanting to swim, though it was not as great of a setback. Their second setback came in making the fire, and their only real victory here was that they switched detours before some of the other teams.

5. Caroline & Jennifer – These two ladies were in the same position as Team YouTube, and thus there’s really not much more to even say here.

6. Mona & Beth – The roller derby moms barely avoided last place, but they almost blew it thanks to them not reading their clue properly after finishing the trapping detour.

7. Max & Katie – Let this be a lesson: if you are going to leave a detour, make sure that you are not the last team to do so. Thanks to this, they had a pretty enormous amount of time to make up that was¬†insurmountable. The good news? This was a non-elimination leg, and their race continues! We see them finding a way to survive for a little while still, since they are a strong team whereas others really aren’t.

What did you think about this week’s episode? Be sure to share some more of your thoughts below, and you can check out some more scoop when it comes to this show over at the link here.

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