‘Supernatural’ season 8 spoilers: Who could be keeping Dean company now?

November 22, 2012 15 comments
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SupernaturalOn this Thanksgiving, we give thanks to “Supernatural” season 8 for being a strong season thus far, and we also have plenty of hope that the trend of entertaining episodes is going to continue moving forward. Why do we feel so confident? Let’s just say that any opportunity Dean has to get some sort of flirty interest is not only good for the character, but also good for us viewers at home.

We have already shown some photos from the upcoming ninth episode of the season entitled “Citizen Fang,” and to go along with that now, we have a new report from Zap2It claiming that Kathleen Munroe (of “Haven” and “Alphas,” two lovely little slices of genre heaven) will be on hand during this episode as Elizabeth. Is she a full-on love interest for Jensen Ackles’ character? We don’t quite know the answer to that just yet, but it may at least yield an opportunity for Dean to have a little bit of fun while he continues to figure out just what in the world he wants to do with Benny.

The basic story behind this episode is simple: someone turns up dead after what appears to be a vampire attack, and after Sam starts to suspect that Benny is the victim, Dean rushes in immediately in his defense. Is this action by the character misguided, though? We will surely be finding out soon, as this episode will help to get the 2012 portion of season 8 to a close.

Are you always excited when Dean gets a chance to interact with the ladies?┬áIf you want some more scoop about Castiel’s new mission on Wednesday night’s new “Supernatural” episode, you can find it just by visiting the story that is up over at the link here.

Photo: The CW

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