ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3, episode 15 review: The Stevie Grayson mystery

March 16, 2014 3 comments
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Take a look -Tonight’s episode of “Revenge” certainly brought plenty to the table. Not only did Jack Porter struggle to handle the fact that Stevie Grayson was his mother, but Emily Thorne had to realize that despite what desire that she (and most of us as viewers) had to see the end of the Grayson family dead, there was still a need to keep them alive.

What is the primary reason for that? Think along the lines of a certain need to ensure that her father’s name could be cleared, given that without them alive, they no longer had the same use to her at all. In addition to Nolan and Aiden, she also had to thank some entries from her late father as she worked on calming herself down for the time being.

In some other important news when it comes to the show, we witnessed a character finally decide to say goodbye to the Hamptons this week: Patrick. We never fully understood this character completely, other than that he had an evil streak within him that has caused him to do some pretty terrible things. He claims that his relationship with his father is a big reason why, but who knows if that is necessarily the truth?

As for Jack, it was actually revealed that he wanted to have some sort of relationship with his mother Stevie after great deliberation … but is this really the right idea? In the closing seconds of this episode, the pieces of this puzzle started to finally come together. We learned through the final flashback to David Clarke’s past that Stevie visited him in prison, but was disbarred before it was revealed just what she is up to. This is a woman with secrets, and she may not be the key to ensuring that David can be cleared once and for all.

With this being said, though, this episode was still a little cluttered, and the shocker at the end did not carry the weight in which we wanted. Grade: C.

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