‘Mad Men’ season 7: See groovy photos of Jon Hamm, Christina Hendricks, cast

March 15, 2014 0 comments
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Sally -With “Mad Men” season 7’s April 13 premiere date vastly approaching, AMC is doing whatever it can to start to hand down some of their promotional material now … at least of the variety that is not going to make creator Matthew Weiner angry. There is nothing particularly spoilery about any of the cast photos below, but they do give you by and large a greater sense that these people are (mostly) changing with the times.

The first thing that we notice in looking at all of these photos, though (which you can see below) is that for some reason, Don Draper remains a rock when it comes to cultural movement. For a guy who doesn’t have a job, why look the same exact way? We suppose a bearded Jon sitting on the couch eating potato chips would not be as interesting of a promotional tool for AMC … or at least so we think. The only other real oddity in here to us is Roger Sterling, mostly because John Slattery has seemingly found some sort of anti-aging potion that makes him look exactly the same as he did back when he was on “Sex and the City” so many years ago.

Betty and Megan are probably the show’s two biggest standouts when it comes to fashion, and they get the most indicative outfits of the times (at least among the ladies, with apologies to Christina Hendricks and Kiernan Shipka). But the real standout of all of these, we have to say, is Harry Crane for whatever it is that he is wearing. Apparently, it was in style at the time to go and get dressed in the dark. He appears to be one part getting ready to party, and then another part an 18th-century explorer with that neckerchief.

Which one of these photos is your favorite? Be sure to share what you think below, and head over here if for whatever reason these are not enough for you, and you also want to check out the snazzy new promo for the show. You can also sign up for our CarterMatt Newsletter to get further updates from us.

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