‘Call the Midwife’ season 3 finale review: Did Jenny Lee leave Nonnatus House?

March 9, 2014 3 comments
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Jenny -Call the Midwife” has taken on a variety of different topics this season, whether it be disabilities, prison sentences, adoption, and the idea of moving on after sudden heartbreak and loss.

But, one of the bigger surprises of the finale was how much it was focused on preparing for death compared to preparing for birth. When Chummy’s mother Lady Browne fell in, Jenny Lee felt completely dedicated to trying to make sure that her fellow midwife was going to be able to get the peace that she needed. If you didn’t cry at some point in this story, we would be most definitely surprised. This was emotional, and we wonder whether Jenny’s new interest was sparked by not being able to properly prepare for what happened to Alec.

All of these revelations led to something that many of you saw coming, given the news that Jessica Raine was going to be leaving the show: Jenny decided to leave Nonnatus in order to accept a position at the Marie Curie hospital, where she could follow her calling in a more adequate way. It was a tad abrupt, but we guess that when you have an eight-episode season, you don’t have many opportunities for these things to take time.

We also found out through this what does eventually happen to Jenny: She does get married, and has two daughters. So as sad as you may be, rest assured that she does have a happy ending to her tale.

While you may have been incredibly sad while watching these scenes with Chummy and getting the news when it comes to Jenny, there was a scene that was moving for a much more pleasant reason: Seeing Shelagh and Dr. Turner finally get the child that they were so hoping for. There was a rather long time when it looked as though this moment was going to be impossible for them, but she finally has an infant daughter. Also, Trixie seems to have actually found the right man for her! At least for now…

Overall, this was not an easy episode to watch … but to be fair, we feel that way about “Call the Midwife” a good bit of the time. This is a very emotional show that at times forces us to answer difficult questions, and this was no different. But Trixie seems to have finally found love and we are excited for that possibility. Grade: A-.

What did you think of the “Call the Midwife” finale, and did this tie together the story in a way in which you were hoping? Let us know your thoughts below, and visit the link here if you want to read some of what we would like to see next season. For other updates sent straight to your email inbox, we suggest that you just sign up now for our CarterMatt Newsletter.

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