‘Beauty and the Beast’ season 2, episode 16 preview: Vincent, Gabe face off in spring finale

March 3, 2014 31 comments
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The latest -The “Beauty and the Beast” spring finale on The CW next week definitely seems to be interesting, but there is also one other thing that we have to point out here: This wouldn’t be a “spring finale” unless the network wasn’t putting it on some sort of indefinite hiatus. It’s still not clear when the rest of the episodes this season are going to air, with the late spring / early summer even being an option.

Well, what we will tell you tonight is as follows: The episode is entitled “About Last Night,” and that title should be in many ways very self-explanatory. After all, the story is going to revolve around unraveling the events that unfolded at the end of this past episode with these two characters … which obviously were stuffed full of drama.

How is Gabe going to react to knowing that he is starting to lose out in the race for Catherine’s heart? This is where the rubber could really start to hit the road for him. Ever since being “cured” of being a beast, he has tried very hard to keep it together and be sure that he is the right guy for her. However, there is no better way to trigger the anger within someone than to have to go through something like this. We expect there to be plenty of tense scenes, and who knows just how rough and crazy this story will become? Time will tell. Let’s just hope that this sense of excitement is going to last long enough so that you are not extremely upset over the extensive wait.

What did you think is going to be coming up on the spring finale? Share your thoughts below, and click here if you want to read our full review for this installment.

Photo: The CW

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