‘The Voice’ UK preview: Is Emily Adams destined for success?

February 14, 2014 0 comments
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Big news -Anytime that an artist decides that they want to audition for a show like “The Voice” UK with “I’d Rather Go Blind,” it is pretty easy to have one thought enter your brain: This better be pretty bleeping amazing. This is a big song, and one that carries with it big expectations like most of these ballads do.

Luckily, it seems to have a worthy singer at the helm in Emily Adams. Even thought it may still be a little bit early in order for us to figure out whether or not she really has the talent needed to get all the way in the competition, this is a nice start. We do at least think she’s about to get a chair or two to turn around, judging from the facial reactions of some of the coaches to her singing.

We are starting to get near the end of the blind auditions, which is a pretty good thing. Why is that? It’s just that it feels like these performances have been going on forever. We get it: This is the best phase of the competition by a mile, but you still have to advance to other rounds eventually. There’s only so long that watching people turn around remains interesting, even if will.i.am continues to mix it up and tries to figure out as many ways as humanly possible to make it “dope.”

We’ll have a full take on both Emily and the rest of the other contestants auditioning for this episode on Saturday, after the episode comes to a close. Check back then for a full review.

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Photo: BBC

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