‘NCIS’ season 11 spoilers: Could Michael Weatherly’s Tony be focus of finale?

February 7, 2014 18 comments
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The latest -In some ways, you could consider “NCIS” season 11 to be book-ended by Tony stories if the latest news that we have to share today turns out to be fact.

According to TVLine, it is very possible that Michael Weatherly’s character could have top billing near the end of the season. For many, we know that this would be great news, given the demand that we know is out there for some more opportunities to see the character step up and take an even larger role in some cases. All of this hope is thanks in part to the quote that showrunner Gary Glasberg gave to the website:

“I’d really like to focus on and come up with something for the season finale that has a strong Tony element to it – in fact, we’re about to sit down and talk about that.”

We have a feeling that they will figure it out; in addition to giving Tony a great role front a center, maybe this would help to balance out those who feel like he hasn’t had a ton to do the past few weeks compared to Gibbs or even Bishop. Luckily, we do know that this is going to change well before the finale. The upcoming 250th episode, featuring an appearance from the elder DiNozzo, is going to give you quite a bit of Weatherly. Not only that, but there will be some other updates along the way.

Let’s just hope that you are the patient type to see more “NCIS” on the air. Thanks to the Olympics, the show is going to be on hiatus until a little later this month. But, at least we have some good news in that you can read more about what lies ahead here.

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