‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ review: Kandi Burruss and a family feud

The latest -Sadly, this was not the fun kind of family feud hosted by Steve Harvey; instead, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Sunday night was mostly just a test in how much sympathy you can have for one man in a given situation. Of course, here we are talking about the man in Kandi Burruss’ life in Todd.

Even though Todd may not be perfect, just as nobody is, he’s a major step above the majority of the guys we’ve seen on this show. Not only that, but he did not welcome the sort of verbal beatdown he got at the hands of Mama Joyce this week. But Joyce is almost like Robert De Niro in “Meet the Parents,” except in overprotective mother mode. She’s accused the guy of having an affair along with all sorts of other things, and he was visually upset by all of it. The only thing that makes this even crazier is the thought of it being not over, based on some of the previews for next week. Let’s just hope that Todd is one heck of a patient man.

Save for this insanity (which admittedly was good television), the rest of the episode felt somewhat flat. We don’t really find Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart talking about relocating to be that interesting, mostly because where they live is not nearly as important as who they live with. NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey having a heart-to-heart was somewhat more interesting, but Phaedra Parks’ various conversations as she looks to continue her mortuary business was by far the best side story of the day. Heck, this is probably of the reasons why Phaedra is one of our favorite Housewives: She breaks the mold, and isn’t afraid to show us something different. When you have a half-dozen shows in the franchise, it’s nice to have a woman or two that does something completely different from everyone else.

So all in all, we had about half of a great episode, and half that was more “meh.” That’s at least something to make us excited about what is coming up in the future. Grade: C+.

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Photo: Bravo

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