‘Real Housewives of Miami’ preview: Joanna Krupa’s last night as a single woman

Did you watch? -Isn’t “partying on the night before your wedding” written somewhere on a faux pas list? It’s seemingly not the best idea in the world to want to go out and exhibit some crazy behavior right before getting married, mostly because you run the risk of exhausting yourself to the point of not being able to get up and even enjoy your wedding the next day.

Regardless of what we think about the rules, and about this being on a list, we’re still going to see it play a major role on Sunday’s “Real Housewives of Miami” episode. The show is airing at a special day following the premiere of the Atlanta show for one simple reason, as the ladies of Beverly Hills are getting a two-hour premiere in their typical timeslot. So be sure to set your DVRs, and to set your “crazy tolerance” meter up to high for this one.

Before we do anything else, here is the simple explanation from Bravo as to what to expect:

“It’s Joanna’s last night being single and the girls go to Vegas to celebrate. Adriana meets resistance when she tries to mend fences with Lea. Everyone is shocked to see Joanna and Adriana start to bond, but when the drinks start to flow, Lisa’s erratic behavior starts to get on the ladies’ nerves.”

Now, we turn to the video evidence as to just how crazy things are going to get. Since this is Vegas, the ladies tend to think that what happens there is going to stay there … as if they forget that they are being watched by cameras ALL THE TIME. Luckily, there are still the censors present to blur out some of the more inappropriate bits, but it’s still among one of the crazier things that we have seen the housewives do save for their typical brand of just screaming and fighting with each other all of the time. This is almost a storyline for a “Hangover” movie, minus the part where they have to see most of what they did retroactively.

What do you think is going to happen during this episode? Be sure to share below, and click here if you’re interested in catching some more “Real Housewives of Miami” news.

Photo: Bravo

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