‘The X Factor’ UK week 4 song spoilers; Rough Copy, Abi Alton, Sam Bailey’s disco week picks

The latest -There is really just one word that we have to say in response to the idea of a disco week on “The X Factor”: Ugh. Why is there a demand to date the contestants so much? There is a reason why disco music is not popular, and we much prefer them doing songs that are actually currently on the charts and have people seeing them as modern artists. Take someone like Kingsland Road, for example, who desperately needs to try being current now after singing a hit from Roy Orbison (seriously).

Here are the song selections for the likes of Kingsland Road and the rest of the remaining contestants for the week, and as per always, we’ve got our own impressions on all of these to go along with it.

Abi Alton, “I Will Survive” – There is potential for a good arrangement here, but also potential for a trainwreck. After Abi’s last two performances led to middling reviews, we cannot sit here with a straight face and say that we expect this to be amazing.

Hannah Barrett, “Somebody Else’s Guy” – We don’t know this song, but that may be because we are not an expert by any means in disco music. We just hope that this is something that reminds Hannah that the show is meant to be fun, since nobody will vote for someone constantly on the verge of tears.

Kingsland Road, “Blame on the Boogie” – This is at least a song that could be modernized, and it will be fun and upbeat for the guys to work the stage. We just hope that it will keep them out of the danger zone for a second straight week.

Luke Friend, “Play That Funky Music” – This could actually be awesome. We haven’t loved every single thing that Luke has done on the show, but his voice should be great for this quirky, energetic ditty.

Nicholas McDonald, “Rock With You” – We don’t know why Michael Jackson is considered disco, and at least Kingsland Road’s song had the Jackson 5. This song is finally something upbeat for him to do, but we could see it being a little boring.

Rough Copy, “September” – Awesome choice. This is a great disco song that everyone knows, and they can have a lot of fun working the stage. The only trouble spot is that it may be a little harder to pull off than anyone realizes since there are some very high harmonies in this song.

Sam Bailey, “No More Tears (Enough is Enough)” – This is a song with two very different paces to it, and the question here is which one she will take? Sam needs to show a fun side, and this is an opportunity.

Sam Callahan, “Relight My Fire” – While this has apparently been covered extensively over the years, we don’t know this song. We also don’t know how much longer Sam has than a few weeks, since he’s really not that good.

Tamera Foster, “Wishing on a Star” – We know that the show loves hyping Tamera, but this song (previously a charity single) just feels overhyped. A big “no, thank you” to this one.

What song are you the most interested in hearing on the show this weekend? Share below, and click here if you are also curious in reading some more news related to the show.

Photo: ITV

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