‘Downton Abbey’ season 4, episode 7 preview: More Maggie Smith, Laura Carmichael shockers

Take a look -Are we going to see the Dowager Countess die on “Downton Abbey” this season? While there has been previously quotes out there suggesting that there would not be any more major character deaths on the show following what happened with both Matthew and Sybil last year, the preview that aired following tonight’s episode did certainly raise the question as to whether or not this promise was going to remain true.

Violet becomes ill on next week’s episode, which in turn leads to Maggie Smith’s character deciding that she wants to see Robert shipped away for a time to avoid some of the stress and suffering of it all. We don’t quite know how he would feel about this if he knew, but Violet is going to become so ill at one point that she is bedridden. We don’t believe that Smith is leaving the show, but we will keep watch on it for at least a little while.

Just in case all of this was not enough for this episode, there are also at least a couple more stories that must be addressed:

1. How in the world Edith moves forward. She is seemingly pregnant, after all, but does not know where the baby’s father, Michael Gregson is.

2. What happens next with Anna and Bates. At the very end of the preview you can catch a glimpse of Joanne Froggatt’s character in tears, and that is not much of a good sign at all for those hoping for some sort of glimmer of hope / happiness now that part of the truth is out there.

There is also the issue that must be dealt with next week regarding Jack Ross and Lady Rose, who have become the modern-day Romeo and Juliet of the Abbey. Admittedly, this story makes her marginally more interesting, but who we are perhaps more curious about is Jack. Just who is he, and where did he come from? You have to be a pretty bold man, regardless of race or even status, to openly kiss a woman you are interested in at such a lofty estate. If you get the wrong person on your side, life suddenly becomes very hard on you.

What do you want to see happen on “Downton Abbey” next week? Be sure to share your thoughts below! Meanwhile, take a look at the link here to read our full review of Sunday’s “Downton Abbey” episode.

Photo: ITV, video via SpoilerTV

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