‘Homeland’ season 3, episode 5 video: Claire Danes and her latest confrontation

The latest -Even after going through a crazy chain of events, and one leading to a revelation that polarized the “Homeland” faithful, we’re about to see some more video proof that Carrie Mathison on “Homeland” does not give up … really at anything. If you cross her, then you better be prepared for some consequences to come your way when it comes to a verbal thrashing.

In the sneak peek below from Sunday night’s new episode, you can get somewhat of a sense as to what we are talking about here. Carrie has another angry confrontation, and this time say a name many more times than we have heard her do so all season long: Brody. No, this does not mean that she necessarily has Damian Lewis’ character on the brain; instead, she is thinking with a somewhat-different objective in mind. She wants to do almost anything in her power to ensure that the Brody family is at least protected for now, knowing that they are one of the few possible connections out there in the event that she does decide to reach out. Dana at this point could be the key, regardless of it you want to believe it or not.

Dana also brings up another interesting point that for whatever reason, the clueless folks over at the CIA seem to not really be thinking about too much at the moment: What in the world are they going to do about her boyfriend? Leo has himself quite a history of bad behavior and let’s just say that he had a very good reason to be locked away in that nuthouse. If they cannot separate the two soon and if another accident happens, Dana could be in big trouble. The longer that she stays missing, especially after she runs out of money, the less likely it is that she will ever return home. That’s bad news with a CIA stamp on the very top page.

In case you missed it earlier this week, “Homeland’s” boss did try to address some of the questions related to this series that are baffling a good many fans. Unfortunately, it may still be a while before we or anyone else understands just why certain decisions where made when it comes to the Carrie storyline.

Photo: Showtime

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