‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10, episode 3 preview: Watch a random Cristina / Alex scene (video)

The latest -Who doesn’t love to watch a silly “Grey’s Anatomy” scene from time to time. Since they are so few and far between these days, you really have to enjoy them whenever they do come up.

With that in mind, we are now brought to the latest sneak peek below from “Everybody’s Crying Mercy,” the latest episode of the hit ABC show that is going to air Thursday night. The theme of it seems to be pretty simple: With the interns all passed out, Cristina jumps into bed with Alex (no, not in the dirty way), seemingly to mostly get under his skin a little bit. Thanks to this, she finds out what is an interesting piece of information: He and Jo have not slept together yet, and since he is not a virgin like April, this is something that suddenly becomes interesting to her.

So when is he finally going to try and “seal the deal” with her, so to speak? This conversation in itself could really help to push him in that direction, but we could see this being a story that lasts a little bit longer than a week. There’s no real need to rush things along, even if there is already another storyline for Justin Chambers coming up in Alex’s dad arriving on the scene that is going to have plenty of interesting complications and wrinkles to it. (As for it Alex’s dad will get to meet Jo, that seems pretty doubtful if he has anything to do with it.)

What’s your take on this scene: Funny, awkward, or do you just feel bad for Alex? Sound off below! Also, click here if you do want to check out another sneak peek from this episode … though it features Cristina alongside someone she has been romantic with in the past in Derek.

Photo: ABC

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