‘The Mindy Project’ season 2 spoilers: Kris Humphries talks playing … Kris Humphries

What's next? -We get it that Kris Humphries can be seen as a joke and a laughingstock for being married to Kim Kardashian for the terrible stretch of just 72 days, but when the dust settles, we’re going to at least give the guy a little bit of credit for having a sense of humor. He could try to stay out of the spotlight and get angry every time that people associate him with the reality star, but instead, he has decided to have a little bit of fun with his life.

Thus, the video below is born. Humphires is set to appear on “The Mindy Project” in the role of a member of a group of single guys trying to get over relationships. Danny joins up with them following the end of his previous relationship, and they have a little bit of fun together on the basketball court. Want to guess who is the best of the group? Here’s a hint: He is significantly taller than everyone else.

While Humphries is hardly the most-engaging person to listen to in interviews, it sounds like he had a good time taking on the gig, and ultimately stretching himself somewhat beyond what he is accustomed to doing. What is probably lost in the middle of the guest appearance is that we are also going to be seeing more of Bill Hader in the sort of “friend of a friend” role that he actually made fun of during the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco.

For whatever reason, Mindy Kaling is either very convincing to celebrities that she knows to come on her show, or she has great casting people working on the show. Kendra Wilkinson was just announced to appear yesterday, and she joins a crop of people that also includes Glenn Howerton, James Franco, and many more.

Photo: Fox

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