‘Big Brother 15’ finale: GinaMarie Zimmerman on being fired, Nick Uhas ‘relationship’

The latest -This has clearly been a revealing past 12 hours for GinaMarie Zimmerman following her time on “Big Brother 15.” She won $50,000 and got to see Nick Uhas again, which is definitely positive. However, the negative here comes in that she has found out that much of America hates her for some of the things that she said during the game, and that she was fired from her job as a pageant coordinator.

So what did she have to say about it in the end? Speaking on Entertainment Weekly radio today on Sirius XM, GinaMarie said that it felt like a “really big stab in the heart” that they would not have her back after everything that they have gone through together over the years. While she suggests that she would have obviously preferred the organization to stand by her, she said that she “understands” the decision that they made and will not say anything negative about them. Granted, she does now have to find another job since $50,000 is not going to keep her happy forever, and we don’t imagine this being particularly easy.

On the subject of Nick, she seems at least somewhat more level-headed about it now than she was during the game. Just take a look at some of her comments per Zap2It at the finale:

“Nick is amazing. Soon as I ran out, I ran right into his arms. That’s where I feel the comfortablest. We walked hand-in-hand in the after-party together. We talked a little bit last night on the phone, but after today, we’re going to meet up and talk. Kind of plan our first date. Nothing too serious yet, until we get talking about what was said in the house and if he lied to me about anything and I get know Nick even better than I had known him. There might be a future for GinaMarie and Nick, we’ll just have to wait and see.” 

If you want to read some more reaction from the “Big Brother” finale last night, just be sure to visit the link here. We’ll also be putting a pin on this season later with some more talk about season 16.

Photo: CBS

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