‘Top Chef: New Orleans’: The fourth ‘Padma’s Picks’ review has arrived

What's next? -If there is one thing that we have learned in covering each episode of the “Top Chef: New Orleans” web series “Padma’s Picks” week-to-week, it’s that it is pretty hard to really come up with any specific criteria that Padma Lakshmi is using in order to figure out which contestants should compete for a spot in the kitchen. It of course is coming down to taste, and since we cannot do that on our end, we just have to root for objectively what we see on our end.

When it comes to the fourth episode of the series, we had the winner in Bradley McGehee picked over Nick Lama almost from the minute we saw what they were going to be making. While putting strawberries on a flatbread sounds like the sort of terrible pairing that would never work, he was obviously someone who tried it out before going on the show and cooking it for someone. Therefore, you had to assume that his flavor combination would work using farm ingredients. (Drinking game: A sip for every time this guy talks about his farm!)

Nick’s dish, meanwhile, was a bit more straightforward, and therefore easier to get lost in the shuffle. The fun aspect of the “Top Chef” franchise is seeing what happens when chefs try and make things that you would never expect to taste very good, and then also find a way to make you love them. There’s still another round for Bradley to get through before he can effectively enter the competition at the start of the season, but he’s off to a great start.

Want to see some other editions of this series? Then just be sure to visit the link here, and come back this coming week for another episode.

Photo: Bravo

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