‘Bones’ season 9 spoilers: A different sort of Booth – Brennan wedding

What's ahead -Do you really think that we are going to see an ordinary wedding on “Bones” between Booth and Brennan? If you answer that question seriously and with a “yes,” we are going to wonder whether or not you are watching the same show that we are. This is a relationship where nothing happens as planned! Where else do you see someone calling off wedding plans out of fear for their lives? Pelant proves the point for us.

As for the specifics of nuptials, which has been confirmed to happen during season 9, not much information is out there in fear of spoiling the surprise. All we have is this tiny little tease via creator Hart Hanson and his interview with TVLine:

“Like most things we do on Bones, the wedding will happen in a way you don’t expect and a time you don’t expect.”

Do you know what we wouldn’t expect? For it to be a traditional wedding in a traditional church, and for Booth and Brennan to show up wearing the same sort of clothing that most brides and grooms do. Therefore, the unexpected would actually be the expected. Let that simmer in your brain for a few minutes.

What we can tell you about the story leading up to the wedding is that Booth is going to have to rely somewhat on his past to resolve his future, and an ex-priest of all people who helps him to take away the Pelant problem. By the time the wedding happens, the long-standing villain should be out of the way.

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Photo: Fox

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