‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6: Prequel still being discussed, but down the road

What's next? -In getting away from some of the teases about this coming season of “Sons of Anarchy” from the TCA panel yesterday, we wanted to now touch on something a little bit different: The possibility of there being some sort of prequel series that happens at some point down the road.

Kurt Sutter discussing this at TCA is not the first time in which he has done so, and we also feel as though it will not be the last. Basically, what he was able to tell critics for the time being is that the discussions about the show are ongoing, and it is something that he could do a few years removed from the end of the original series (which should happen at the conclusion of season 7):

“There’s nothing official, but I’ve had conversations with the network about doing a prequel, in terms of being the formation of the club, the first nine [within SAMCRO] … In my mind, it would be a completely different show than this tonally. Obviously, it would be a period piece. It’s an interesting time in our history. And to follow these guys coming back from the war into society and ultimately the formation of this society is an interesting story to tell.”

For the record, let’s just start things off here by saying that we hate prequels. They are often derivative, and when you know what the ending is going to be long in advance, it is hard to create a middle that is exciting enough for it to compensate. However, there is a reason that this could be one of the exceptions to the rule. There are stories to tell from the early stages of SAMCRO that would not mess up the canon, and you’re getting to work with history, and go beyond something that is just biker culture in an era that is often misrepresented. We all know about war stories, but what happens when you try to find a sense of self after the battle ends? The life some of these soldiers are subjected to, to borrow a title from Theodore Dreiser, is a real American tragedy.

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Photo: FX

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