‘The Bachelorette’: Ben Scott defends taking son to see Desiree Hartsock

BenEvery week or so, ABC deems one person who is a part of “The Bachelorette” as worthy to speak out to the press in a conference call. Up until a year or two ago, traditionally these were people who were already eliminated. However, the rules eventually changed so that you could instead have an opportunity to see what some people actually involved in the experience had to say, and not just some schmuck who you are going to forget in a few days.

With that, we now have the arrival of Ben Scott, who is still on our weekly ranking of Desiree Hartsock’s top five contenders. Thus far, he is a man who has been compared in some ways (at least here) to Tierra LiCausi, the controversial woman who angered so many of Sean Lowe’s other women by constantly stealing time to be with him.

After Ben’s conference call, we’re at least willing to amend this somewhat. We don’t think he is a bad guy, or necessarily wants attention on the same level as Tierra did. Instead, he just comes across as a man who is perhaps a little too aggressive, but he has a good reason for doing so in that he does not want to be away from his son unless he has to. Take, for example, his explanation about bringing Brody in via limousine the first night:

“The main reason I brought Brody was to see how Des reacted when she [realized] I was a father. It was a big risk. It could have gone two ways: [either] she’s going to love the fact that I’m a father, proud of my son, or it’s going to show me that she’s not ready to jump into a relationship where she has to become a mother figure. Des was 100 percent open to [it]. It made me extremely happy. That’s one of the reasons our relationship grew so fast.”

If Desiree didn’t like it, all she would then have to do is realize that him being here is taking him away from being with Brody, and she could have sent him home right there. However, she didn’t, which has left Ben with the opportunity to try and win her heart for good (while going a tad overboard in the process).

Compared to what you are going to see Monday night with a contestant and his “girlfriend” showing up, Ben’s problems really don’t look all that bad.

Photo: ABC

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