‘Big Brother Canada’ finale reaction: Impressions of the cast after shocking vote

Big Brother CanadaWe are admittedly still trying to process just about everything that happened on the “Big Brother Canada” Thursday night. After spending most of the day at the studio, it’s safe to say that this was one of the craziest, most bizarre things related to a show that we have ever been a part of. Regardless of your opinion on Topaz voting for the wrong person (which you can read even more about here), It still very hard to dispute that this was something that you will remember for quite a long time.

So after the finale, we had a chance to go out to the Big Brother Backyard (which is slightly smaller than it comes across on TV) to prepare for some interviews with all of the houseguests. Everyone that was a part of the show this season came out, including host Arisa Cox, to share some thoughts and reactions of all that happened. We’ll have a few more specific quotes from the night as we work to transcribe them, but we wanted to give you a taste of what the backyard experience was like following Jillian basically winning thanks to someone’s mistake.

1. Despite losing out on $100,000, Gary may have actually been the coolest and most accepting of what transpired. He was outgoing, kind, and he knew that the best things were still ahead for him.

2. Jillian gave us a high-five upon our announcement that we predicted her as the winner before the season aired.

3. Arisa admitted that she was going through every range of emotions during the Topaz crisis, and it was made even worse thanks to the fact that it was Topaz, who had been screwed over by twists already in the game.

4. Tom and Lisa were the only two houseguests we talked to who saw Gary losing as some sort of karmic retribution for what happened to them.

5. Talla is still Talla even when there are no cameras at all rolling.

6. After speaking with Emmett for just a few seconds, it was clear why so many houseguests all season wanted to believe every single thing that he was saying.

As we said, we’ll have more from the houseguests in the coming days. Our interview format basically amounted to almost a “Big Brother Canada” talk show, which means that you’ll be seeing some videos soon of us (along with other journalists), along with some more text-based fare.

If you want to read our full take of what being at in the finale tonight was really like in the studio, be sure to visit the link here.

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