NBC’s ‘The Office’ season 9, episode 21 review: Can marriage counselling work for Jim and Pam?

Jim and PamWe are into the final few episodes of “The Office” and we are not exactly sure how everything is going to end for our favorite office workers, but for Andy Bernard it looks like he may be leaving the paper business for a career in entertainment.

Andy: We thought that Andy’s agent was just milking him for money and would never get him a gig, but as it turns out Carla got him a job working in a chemical safety video. Unfortunately when he gets on set for the video they require him to use an eye wash station, but because of his phobia of putting things in his eyes he has a complete and utter meltdown. With Daryl’s help Andy gets through the scene and his agent is very happy.

Jim and Pam: They are in couples therapy and everything between them seems very fake – which we are really sad to see considering there are only a few episodes left.  We are concerned that their ending isn’t going to be something that will satisfy fans after watching their relationship grow for 9 seasons.At the end of the episode Jim admits that the counseling is hard and difficult, but that he wants to keep at it. He gives her the biggest hug and and kiss and it’s inspiring to finally see the chemistry between them come back.  Finally some hope!

Angela: She and the senator are separated and she’s living on her own with her child and her 30 cats.  She wants to work things out with Dwight, but feels that she doesn’t have a chance with him since she rejected him and he started dating Esther.  When Esther starts to pity Angela due to Dwight’s prodding, Angela realizes that Dwight still cares for her.

Were you happy to see Jim and Pam making progress or do you think that it’s way too late in the season to patch things up? Do you want to see Dwight and Angela work things out or are you over their relationship?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of tonight’s episode of “The Office”.

Photo: NBC

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