NBC’s ‘The Office’ series finale spoilers: The Steve Carell rumors continue

Steve CarellWhile we have assumed for months now that Steve Carell was not going to make any appearance at all on “The Office” for its series finale next month, it’s now looking like there may actually be a chance that the actor filmed a final scene as Michael Scott … though it’s fair to say that no one is going to confirm or deny anything prior to the episode airing on May 16.

According to TVLine, the actor was at least present at the taping for the show’s grand finale earlier this spring, but sources close to the show and the producers are being very cagey when it comes to whether or not he actually filmed anything. While they previously flat-out denied any and all talk that the actor would appear,  most of these sources are now neither confirming or denying anything. (However, a rep for the actor claims that he did not film any scenes, which is one of the few outright denials of the bunch.)

It’s an interesting situation for “The Office” to be in moving forward to the finale, but this may actually be the best one for the show, all things considered. It’s not necessarily a good thing to have viewers completely downtrodden over the thought of a finale without Carell, since some Michael Scott fans may not tune in. However, this way there is at least a certain amount of curiosity among people about the episode (which will run at least for an hour), and even if the actor does not physically appear, we would be stunned if there is not some sort of homage to him or “where is he now?” sort of verbal update mentioned. Having a grand finale without a mere mentioning on the show’s longtime leading man just feels like a mistake.

Even though Michael’s exit was pretty perfect a couple of seasons back, do you still want to see him during the finale? If you want to check out some more scoop on an upcoming Andy Bernard story, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: NBC

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